Change Management

Uncontrolled system changes can result in numerous serious issues for an organization, including:

  • System outages caused by incorrectly implemented changes
  • Audit exposures
  • Inability to correctly back out unsuccessful changes

A comprehensive change management strategy is required to allow changes to be introduced in a documented, controlled and reversible manner. At the same time, it is important to maximize employee productivity by minimizing the effort required to follow the requirements of the change management toolset.

With unique event-driven technology, eventACTION™ and ussACTION™ provide best of breed change management especially well suited to systems programming environments. eventACTION™ and ussACTION™ transparently track and control changes regardless of the programs or tools used to make the changes, adapting automatically to whatever installation and maintenance facilities are specified by any software vendor or in-house process.

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